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Facilities Management:

SDVB's experts manage ongoing facilities operations and also oversee expansion, reconfiguration or renovation. From self-performance to subcontracting, we cover the full range of facilities requirements, and we work with our clients to help them develop the overall strategy for their facilities needs - now and in the future.

Operations & Maintenance (O&M):

Our people are experts in managing the performance of predictive and unscheduled tasks that prevent equipment failure or decline. In addition, working with clients to increase efficiency, reliability, and safety, our experts can generate substantial energy savings using cost-effective O&M methods that pay for themselves relatively quickly.

Facilities Diagnostics:

Our experts solve problems others can't. We not only put an end to performance threats, but we also design and implement strategies and systems for long-term maximum output and efficiency. And our experts also commission and re-commission integrated systems, which is crucial to ensuring equipment works as it was designed to do.

Renovations and Retrofits:

SDVB's Project Managers can oversee minor as well as major upgrades to individual systems as well as entire facilities to ensure improved productivity and efficiency. We can can also provide the highly skilled labor required to perform the work and re-commission the facility.

Energy Audits:

Our energy experts work with clients to provide and experts assessment of how much power is being consumed by a facility and identify the biggest opportunities for energy saving, and they can develop capital plans to improve energy efficiency.

Green Building:

SDVB's CEM (Certified Energy Manager), PE (Professional Engineering), and LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) accredited experts provide environmentally friendly approaches to construction, site planning, materials, building upgrades, and energy use.

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